HoudiniEsq 2.0 – Current Version Information

Below is the information for the current version of HoudiniEsq 2.0. This information is typically shown when logging into the program after a new build has been deployed. It can be found in the Settings Dashboard portion of the program as well.

Build:   Date: 11/16/18
– Improved finger tap handling on iPads
– Added Trust History panel to reports
– Added Withdrawals and Deposit filters to Trust panels under Contact, Matter and Reports
– Added To Date billing total to Matter Finances panel
– Added Matter Finances toggle button to Matter form

Build:   Date: 11/02/18
– Added the ability to manually enter or edit date fields on Time/Event forms
– Added Trust panel under contact record
– Added new Budgets Alerts Report
– Added Budget Alerts to Matter list under each contact record

Build:   Date: 10/01/18
– Daily Bill Sheet of all billables added to Reports
– Day Sheet of all Events added to Calendar

Build:   Date: 10/01/18
– Added Settlement Award and Contingency fields under matter’s llitigation and finances pane.
– Added Ltigation tools. Exhibits, decision trees and more.

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