HoudiniEsq For Outlook – Connection Issues (Cloud)

If you are having issues with connecting to your Cloud HoudiniEsq account recently, we have pushed a vital security  update to the application. To ensure the security of your data, connecting via http:// as you may have done in the past is no longer possible. You MUST use https:// to connect to HoudiniEsq. This will ensure the security of your data.

To fix any possible connection issues:

  1. Restart Outlook and enter the HoudiniEsq Setup in the Add-Ins tab at the top of Outlook.
  2. In the Server field, enter https://houdiniesq.net. You should see a Firm field appear. If you do not, uninstall the Outlook plugin in the Apps & Features menu in Windows, and install the latest version of the plugin using this link: Download Outlook Plugin
  3. For Firm name, enter your firm name that you use to connect. Your login and password will also be the same.
  4. Click Save.


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