Fiscal Budget Management

HoudiniEsq provides real-time fiscal budget management as a core feature of the application, allowing you to keep effortless track of both Billing and Payables in one easy to use dashboard. Track your spending for a specific Client, Project, or across your entire firm or organization, and set up yearly budget limits to help you stay on top of your financial management.


In order to access this feature, you must have Budget Management enabled in the Firm Info tab of the Settings dashboard. Once you have this setting enabled, click on the Budget tab at the top of the main interface, as shown below.


Budgets can be set up as any other record, with a specific name, Type, Subtype and Status Code. Additionally, you can set a percentage threshold to receive alerts when budget activity has exceeded the amount set. The Aggregate field allows you to set up budgets for the following groupings:

  • Divison: All budget activity for Matters assigned to Staff of a specific Division will be included in the budget report.
  • Entity: All budget activity for Matters involving a specific Contact will be included in the budget report. This can be an individual or a company.
  • Org: Budget activity for the entire firm/company will be included in the report. This is essentially any Payables or Billing that is done system wide.
  • Project: All budget activity for Matters assigned to a specific Project Code will be included in the budget report.


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