List of Supported Browsers

HoudiniEsq is a modern web-based application and thus, requires a modern browser. Below is a current list of all supported browsers for HoudiniEsq, in order of recommendation:

  • Google Chrome – Version 70.0.3538.77 and above – All platforms
  • Apple Safari – Version 12.0 (13606.2.11) and above – All platforms
  • Mozilla Firefox – Version 63.0 and above – Windows, OSX
  • Microsoft Edge – Version 42.17134 and above

These browsers are recommended for the best experience using HoudiniEsq. While other browsers may offer partial support, your experience may not be smooth or consistent.

Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer is an outdated browser and all versions except for IE11 are no longer supported. IE11 is has numerous security holes, does NOT support HTML5, and thus is not compatible with HoudiniEsq. It is strongly recommended that you do not use HoudiniEsq with IE11, and if possible, do not use IE11 at all.

But My Firm Only Uses IE11, What Do I Do?

If your firm is still using IE11, a browser which is rapidly approaching obsolescence as more and more websites and developers drop support for it, there are a number of steps you can take to get your organization to transition to a more modern, secure browser.

  • Inform your boss that you could do your job more effectively in another browser.
  • Find the person in charge of the IE 11 decision and ask for a more flexible setup to ensure that new workers can be on-boarded more quickly.
  • Research Security Issues with IE, Issue regularly a newsletter to your highe-rups about the Security Risks that are involved with using IE 11. Here is a list from a trusted source.
  • If possible, work with your tech support to have a plan to phase out IE 11 and move to another default browser. This can be done especially easy with the End of life of Windows 7. After January 2020, Windows 7 will no longer have any support from Microsoft, so new browser technologies will need to be adopted.

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