HoudiniEsq 2.0 – Current Version Information

Below is the information for the current version of HoudiniEsq 2.0. This information is typically shown when logging into the program after a new build has been deployed. It can be found in the Settings Dashboard portion of the program as well.

Date: 12/30/16
Features/Updates & Fixes:
– Fixed Multi-print invoice issues.
– Fixed Events created from Outlook invoicing issue
– Fix to custom field panel
– Fixed issue in the advance filter for matters (Subtype/Status)

Date: 12/27/16
Features/Updates & Fixes:
– Batch billing icon moved to Pre-bill and Invoice lists
– Removed add button on Pre-bill screen
– Fixed an issues with the Promo pop-up
– Removed Invoice preview screen
– Moved Invoice delete button to upper left.
– Fixed repeating event error.

Date: 12/13/16
– Added Custom Form
– Added Doc generation for Custom Forms
– Added Custom Fields section for Custom Forms
– Added Confirm Delete pop-up
– Added Record Type color coding on Matter List
– Added ability to email out Invoices.
– Changed Add buttons from + sign to ‘Add’.
– Added new record button for matter and contacts at the bottom of the screen.
– Fixed Quick Adds not being invoiced from Pre-Bill
– Fixed delete permissions from Lists
– Events created through the Outlook plugin now invoice correctly.
– Corrected issue with email back button
– Fixed timer not saving in increments over an hour.
– Alerts now wait 5 mins after snoozing instead of 1 mins.
– Custom fields of type date now default to blank instead of 12/31/1969.

– Promo.

Date: 10/26/16
– Added email back button
– Opening an email from the Matter tab now loads all related emails into the email list
– Added Matter Project field to customize field list
– Custom fields now appear in the column list for new Ad-Hoc reports
– Fixed Advanced Search for Super users
– Adjusted Calendar permissions for Super users and Admins
– Fixed display issue for withdrawal type on pre-bill screen.
– Fixed balance forward issue on Pre-bill screen
– Fixed batch Invoice issues.
– Fixed Matter insert issue.
– Fixed Doc file edit save issue.

Date: 9/30/16
– Added RCA panel screen
– Can now add multiple case managers to a matter.
– Added Matter Reassignment options and corresponding staff panel
– Added Re-calc button on Invoice screen
– Added Staff color option
– Can now edit document file name
– Event lists can now be filtered on billable events only
– Invoice screen, invoices can now be grouped by Matter or Date
– BIRT Report sorting in alpha order
– Invoice generates correctly after payment or adjustment applied to existing Invoice
– Pre-bill panel now fully expands when side panels are collapsed
– Subject field added to the Invoice panel
– Sub-Type filter on matter tab fixed.
– Fixed Google Doc error message when Google Cal sync is being verified.  – Disabled browser back button.  – Other minor fixes

Date: 8/29/16
– Ability to added Invoice templates from Settings->Billing screen
– Help icon now available in top right hand corner.
– Added Staff Email presets
– Completed checkbox now available for Events
– Closed matter icon now visible for all users

– Related parties lookup
– Note list displaying table issue
– Hide Performance and Compensation report if Hide Billing is Yes.
– Invoice Template select.
– Users can’t open events that they are not owner of from cal.
– Deleting Related Parties.

Date: 8/29/16
– Ability to add new Field Groupings
– Adding Email Templates is now available on the Email Screen
– Added Staff Email presets
– Added Multi-Event timers
– Added Document Description

– Various Calendar issues
– Document upload now accepts files that contain an apostrophe
– Invoice Template select.
– Key Date field height issue

Date: 8/19/16
– Added hide completed events on Calendar toggle
– Added Staff Calendar multiselect on Calendar
– Added Calendar Event color change by Event, Event Type, Staff

– Event sorting when Group by Calendar is selected on Event lists.
– Note/Todo Matter Ref fields display issue.
– Clear Document List Search

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