Accessing HoudiniEsq Remotely

If you plan on accessing your data remotely (outside your office e.g. your home or from court), you will need the following: -Static IP Address (required) – You can think of this as your Internet “phone number” -Domain Name (optional but recommended) – This is an alias, or name, for […]

Copying Form Data

HoudiniEsq allows you to copy form data quickly and easily using the new Multitasking feature, available in 2.0 build 180 and above. To copy a form, simply open the record you want to copy and click the Pin icon at the top right of the screen. This will add the […]

Matter Member Assignment Utility

The Matter Member Assignment Utility allows you to quickly add or replace Staff on any Matter in HoudiniEsq. Using Staff, Matter Reference or an associated Contact as a filter, you can quickly ensure that any user can access a case’s information. Conversely, you can now easily transfer access of Matter […]

Multitasking in HoudiniEsq

  HoudiniEsq 2.0 build 180 introduces multitasking to the environment via pinned entries. Jumping between projects and tasks has never been easier. Pin important form data to your desktop for easy reference or comparison later. Copy data contained in your forms to your clipboard into a reusable form with just a click. Assessing and working […]

HoudiniEsq Quick Setup (Wizard)

When logging into HoudiniEsq for the first time, the HoudiniEsq Quick Setup will guide you through the initial steps of configuring the application. While this process is mostly self-explanatory, this KnowledgeBase article will provide additional information should you need it to walk through the process. The Quick Setup wizard will only […]

Importing My Data into HoudiniEsq

Overview One of the most requested features of any practice management product is the ability to import data. No one wants to start over when switching to a new application, and we understand that perfectly. As a result, HoudiniEsq allows you to insert your important data into our program in several ways. […]

Intake (Quick Entry Form)

In HoudiniEsq version 119 and later, you will be able to enter in Matter and Contact information in Quick Entry, or Intake forms. The Intake form is designed to guide you through each step of the process, allowing you to create a Matter and associated Contact easily through a step […]

Adding Classifications (Types, Subtypes, Status Codes)

Virtually any standard Dropdown field can be modified in HoudiniEsq quickly and effectively to contain any selection values you wish. This can be done on Matters, Events, Contacts, Related Parties, Documents and more. The indicator that this can be done is noted below. Note: Admin access is required to use this feature. […]

Invoice and Statement Templates

Beginning with version 2.0.100 and above, HoudiniEsq will allow you to select from several templates for billing which include Invoices and Statements. Statements show general information about all billing done across the client whereas Invoice Templates only show items for the current Invoice. You can find access to both types of […]