Cancel My Subscription

If you wish to cancel your HoudiniEsq Cloud subscription, you can do so at any time by using the link available in your most recent invoice email. This email will always come from and be titled “HoudiniESQ Purchase Receipt.” At the bottom of the invoice email will be a “Cancel […]

Managing Access To Data

This article serves as an addendum to the Staff Logins and Access article. HoudiniEsq makes managing your staff’s data access easy. When logged in as an Administrator, simply access the Settings menu by selecting the gear icon at the top right. Then select the Staff tab and select a user, and click […]

Managing Case Budgets and Trust

HoudiniEsq allows you to manage your case budgets with ease. Manage overall budget, un-billed and due amounts, and trust balances with ease, sending notifications to associated Staff and even your Clients when necessary. Each case has a visual representation of your current budget amount thresholds, allowing you to manage your […]

Client Communications

The new Communications Automation module in HoudiniEsq allows you to keep your clients up to date like never before on their current ledger and trust balances, invoices, and payments. You can even send greetings for client birthdays! To access this feature you will need to have an Admin email account […]

Reports – Payment History

In HoudiniEsq, you will have the ability to view all previous Payments made on invoices via the Payment History tab in the Reports section. The Payment History report allows you to view all payments made by Client, Type or Date. The filter options allow you to sort payments by Client, Matter, Payment date and […]

Export Data From Time Matters

When contacting HoudiniEsq Support for a Time Matters migration, you must first make a backup of your current data to provide to our Professional Services in the correct SQL format. Here is a guide on how to do so: Performing a backup in Time Matters/LNTPA versions 10, 11 or 12 […]

Reports – Income

The Income Report is a dynamic, filterable real-time view of all un-billed and due amounts for current Matters in HoudiniEsq. This report is designed to help you stay on top of your billable time quickly and easily. It can be accessed by clicking Reports from the Main Menu and then selecting the […]

Ad-Hoc Reports – Filter and Sort Options

In this article, we will be expanding on the simple list view report we created in our previous article. Please read and follow along using the instructions in that entry before proceeding. You may have noticed that the report we created likely brings back a large amount of records, and […]

Ad-Hoc Reports – Creating A List View

In our previous Ad-Hoc Overview article, we explained the basic functions of browsing, printing and viewing Ad-Hoc Reports. In this article, we are going to dive into creating your first list report from the template report that we provide. The goal of this article is to help you understand the […]