Advanced Filter

Beginning with build and later of HoudiniEsq, you may notice the Matter Dashboard has a new Advanced Filter, with more customization options than ever. The new Advanced Filter allows for several areas that can customize searches. The Advanced Filter can be accessed from the Matter Dashboard by clicking the […]

Exporting Data In HoudiniEsq

HoudiniEsq includes an easy to use Export feature built directly into the Advanced Filter of each Dashboard view. To access the Advanced Filter for a specific dashboard (such as Matters or Contacts) click the filter icon on the left hand side, near the search options as shown below. Once you […]

Task & Phone Call Timer

HoudiniEsq features two easy to use, real-time methods to record your time, the Task Timer and the Phone Call Timer. This article will walk through how to use both methods. Task Timer The Task Timer will allow you to multi-task in the HoudiniEsq system while still recording your time. You can start, […]

HoudiniEsq Office Add-Ins – Silent Install Instructions

This article will walk you through step by step instructions for deploying the HoudiniEsq Office Add-ins via silent install. This method of installation is preferable when you are installing the HoudiniEsq Office Add-ins (Word, Excel, Outlook) for multiple users via automated startup scripts, or are installing the add-in for a user who does not […]

Fiscal Budget Management

HoudiniEsq provides real-time fiscal budget management as a core feature of the application, allowing you to keep effortless track of both Billing and Payables in one easy to use dashboard. Track your spending for a specific Client, Project, or across your entire firm or organization, and set up yearly budget limits […]


HoudiniEsq allows you to track Payables as part of its Case Budgets feature. This record type will allow you to keep track of and record payments for billable items that are incurred outside of HoudiniEsq’s billing system, including invoices which are billed to your firm, utility payments, outside council fees, and more. With […]

Claims & Incident Intake

In this KnowledgeBase article, we will walk through the process of creating a Claims and/or Incident Intake. These are unique types of intakes which will allow you to create a case without outside contact information, and with additional case information unique to a claim or incident report. Creating a New […]

Adding References to a Matter

This feature is used to capture, track and report on records with one or more references that you specify. With this feature, you can add customizable References to any Matter record, such as Citations, Authors, Articles, Sources and more. The possibilities are as limitless as your needs. How To Use […]