Applying Credit To a Current Invoice

This article will give you a quick tip on how to apply credits to an invoice you intend on sending out to a client, in the case of needing to provide a discount or markdown on services or fees rendered immediately as opposed to after a bill has been sent out.

Please note that in order for the credit to appear on the invoice, it has to be issued on the date of or after the date of the invoice. To create an invoice with the credit applied, please follow these steps:

1. Open the Billing Dashboard.
2. Create the invoice as normal without the credit from Pre-Bill. If you need assistance with this process, follow the steps in this article.
2. Switch to the Invoicing tab in the Billing dashboard, and add the credit to the invoice in the Invoicing tab as normal, using the Credit button at the top right.
3. Select the invoice, and before printing it, click the Recalc icon. See screenshot below for the location, it is at the right hand side panel at the top.
4. Print the invoice. The invoice will now reflect the credit has been issued for the amount specified and will be also reflected in the invoice total.


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