The HoudiniEsq Service (Starting and Stopping)

Unlike most typical desktop programs, the HoudiniESQ service runs in the background, while the interface is accessed via your web browser. Although you use your browser, this does not mean you are necessarily accessing the Internet; a HoudiniESQ Solo or On-Premise license is usually run on your server machine, locally or over your office network.

On occasion, specific issues will arise which may cause HoudiniEsq to behave erratically; these usually occur when the system is abruptly restarted and the HoudiniEsq service does not start up properly. If you see messages similar to “Account Error” or “All Licensed Seats Already Logged In” chances are good that the database simply cannot be accessed by the service due to a failed start-up. In most cases, starting and stopping the service will fix these issues.

Here are the methods for all operating systems to properly start and stop the HoudiniEsq service.

Quick Start | Quick Stop

Upon installation, Houdini will create the necessary scripts so when you restart your machine Houdini will auto start. However, we also have a quick Start/Stop application which can be used to restart or shut down the service at any time quickly and easily. Here are the steps:

  • Navigate to the HoudiniEsq folder
    • In Windows this will be the C:Program Files\HoudiniEsq\ directory
    • On Mac OSX, this will be in /Applications/HoudiniEsq/
  • To start the service, run the HoudiniEsqStart application included. This will start the service automatically.
  • To shut down or stop the service, run HoudiniEsqStop. Keep in mind that stopping the service will no longer allow you to log into the application until it is restarted.


Manually Start | Stop Service

If for any reason you need to manually stop and/or start the service, follow these instructions:


  • Click Start. (On Windows 8 or above, click the Windows icon at the bottom left corner of the screen).
  • In the Search box (Windows Vista/7/8), type “Services” and hit Enter. If using Windows XP, select “Run” and type “services.msc” and hit Enter. The Windows Services menu will appear.
  • Locate the “LogicBit HoudiniESQ” service, click Stop and then Start. You can also click Restart.
  • Alternately, you can also access Services from the Task Manager. Hit Ctrl+Alt+Delete, select the Task Manager and go to the Services tab. Find the “HoudiniEsq” service and right click to stop/start.


  • Under Macintosh HD/Application/HoudiniESQ you will find two OSX apps to start and stop the HoudiniESQ service on OSX.

Optionally the fastest way to stop the service is to kill it. Open Activity Monitor located under MacintoshHD/Applications/Utilities. Select all processes from the drop down and type java. Kill the process.


  • To manually shut down or start HoudiniESQ perform the following commands from the Houdini install location’s bin folder:

sudo sh stop

sudo sh start


  • To manually shut down or start HoudiniESQ perform the following commands from the Houdini install location’s bin folder:

sh stop
sh start

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