IRIS (Documents) Password

IRIS stands for Information Repository Indexing Server. It is where you your documents are stored and indexed in HoudiniEsq. For security reasons, all documents in IRIS have a password. This password is the same for all the documents and all the users in the firm.

When using HoudiniEsq you be asked for a password and username when opening a document. The screen may look like this depending on your browser:







Internet Explorer





This is your IRIS username and password.

  • IRIS Username

The username to enter is ‘iris‘, all lower case with no single quotes.

  • IRIS Password
    • On-premise – The IRIS password is the second password you defined when you installed the software (the first was your user login password).
    • SaaS – The IRIS password was sent to you when your Cloud account of HoudiniEsq was setup. Look for the email that states your instance URL, your user password, and your iris password. It will have been sent to the email address of the person who signed up for the account.

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