Change Password (On-Premise)

If you need to change a password in the system, your password you can reset it but it will require that you shutdown the HoudiniEsq service on your machine first.
1. Stop the HoudiniEsq Service.
2. Locate your profile file which corresponds to your login name (it has a .hup extension) located in the HoudiniESQ/webapps/houdini/esb/config/users folder, e.g.
  • On a Mac the HoudiniEsq root folder will be in Applications.
  • On Windows the HoudiniEsq root folder is in the Program Files (on the C: drive).
3. Open the file with a text editor. If using Windows Vista or above, you will need to run the editor in Administrator Mode by right-clicking on it in order to Save your changes.
4. Find the section that contains the following line:
PWD             =”(yourpasswordhere)”
If you have previously logged into HoudiniEsq successfully this will most likely be encrypted.
5. Change the PWD (between the quotes) to a new temporary password. IMPORTANT: The password is only encrypted after you have successfully logged on and change it to a permanent one.

6. Start the HoudiniEsq service.


7. Login
8. Now go to your user profile and change to a secure one so it encrypts itself.
IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are using TextEdit for OSX, please make sure that Smart Quotes are disabled. You can change this in the Preferences menu under the File dropdown.

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