Global Search

In addition to the powerful regular search functions in each dashboard, HoudiniEsq 2.0 also has the ability to find and filter any text-based file or record by specific criteria using the Global Search. this search has the ability to perform a deep scan of any document in the system, but only if […]

Billing “Quick Add” Option

We at LogicBit believe that our HoudiniEsq should offer a myriad of features when billing your time, which is why we have the Multi-Timer feature as well as the ability to add entries directly in the Calendar as well as directly from the Matter Dashboard. However, you can add a […]

Uninstalling HoudiniEsq

STOP! If you are having issues with HoudiniEsq, uninstalling the program and reinstalling should be your last ditch effort. Doing so will result in data loss unless a backup of the program folder has been made previously. Additionally, many issues can be fixed either through the other articles available in […]

Re-Register An On-Premise Installation

You can force HoudiniEsq to allow a single login so that the product may be re-registered by simply dropping a file named houdini.rereg into a folder. Step 1: Stop the HoudiniEsq service. Step 2: Navigate to the following folder: HoudiniESQ/webapps/houdini/esb/config/keystores on your C: drive under Program Files (or if you are […]

Introduction to Custom Forms

Custom Forms can add an additional layer of data collection and customization to 2.0. This feature acts as an independent record type which can be associated to any Matter or Contact record. Use Custom Forms to record data about a client’s insurance policies, expert witnesses, medical information, driving records and […]

Google Calendar Support Update

It has recently come to our attention that the Google Calendar/Drive Authentication process is now attempting to send users to an “https” version of This should not be happening, but seems to be anyways. It’s intended that the final “landing page” for the Google Calendar sync process take you […]

HoudiniEsq – Word Plugin overview

Welcome to an overview of the HoudiniEsq Microsoft Word plugin. Note – The HoudiniEsq Office Plugins are for Windows only. Download the Plugin Install and Setup the Plugin Using the Plugin Opening Documents Saving Documents Managing Word Templates Generating Documents Uninstall the Plugin     Download the Plugin You can […]

Change Password (On-Premise)

If you need to change a password in the system, your password you can reset it but it will require that you shutdown the HoudiniEsq service on your machine first. 1. Stop the HoudiniEsq Service. 2. Locate your profile file which corresponds to your login name (it has a .hup extension) […]