Intake (Quick Entry Form)

In HoudiniEsq version 119 and later, you will be able to enter in Matter and Contact information in Quick Entry, or Intake forms. The Intake form is designed to guide you through each step of the process, allowing you to create a Matter and associated Contact easily through a step […]

Adding Classifications (Types, Subtypes, Status Codes)

Before adding any Types, Subtypes or Status Codes please review this article on best practices for classifying data. Virtually any standard Dropdown field can be modified in HoudiniEsq quickly and effectively to contain any selection values you wish. This can be done on Matters, Events, Contacts, Related Parties, Documents and more. The […]

Invoice and Statement Templates

Beginning with version 2.0.100 and above, HoudiniEsq will allow you to select from several templates for billing which include Invoices and Statements. Statements show general information about all billing done across the client whereas Invoice Templates only show items for the current Invoice. You can find access to both types of […]

Adobe Acrobat Plug-In Overview

Adobe Acrobat Plug-In Overview Overview Welcome to an overview of the HoudiniEsq Acrobat Plug-In.  You must have Adobe Acrobat, the version that allows you to create and modify PDF files.  This plug-in doesn’t work with Adobe PDF Reader. Installation Notes Using the Plugin Opening Documents Saving Documents Installation Notes  To […]

Clearing your browser cache

HoudiniEsq frequently pushes out updated versions, and if you encounter issues, it’s most likely because your browser is loading an older version of the software. In order to fix this, you should clear your browser cache and history regularly.   Below are instructions for several major browsers on how to […]

Managing Expert Contracts (Caltrans)

This article will explain how to request, manage and approve expert contracts using the HoudiniEsq 2.0 interface. Settings/Requirements Any user in the Caltrans HoudiniEsq 2.0 system can request contracts. However, in order to approve them, a few settings must be enabled in your Staff account. In the Details tab, ensure that […]

BIRT Designer Setup Steps

In this article, we will walk you through the basic steps on getting started designing your own Business Intelligence Reporting Tools (BIRT) custom reports for HoudiniEsq. Keep in mind that a baseline of SQL knowledge will be necessary to continue, and that this is for advanced users only. First, we […]

Matter Docket (Calendar Rules)

  In this article, we will show you how to set up and use Matter Docketing in HoudiniEsq via Calendar Rules. Matter Dockets allow you to schedule specific dates, deliverables and appearances required by your Court based on a specific key date. These important dates are added as Events to […]

Client Portal (Remote Client Access)

Hello, and welcome to the HoudiniEsq article on how to set up the Client Portal for short. This feature allows any Contact who is a Related Party to a Matter to access specific Documents, Notes, and Calendar Events for that Matter. If the Contact is also a Client, they can access Invoice information […]