Matter Docket (Calendar Rules)

  In this article, we will show you how to set up and use Matter Docketing in HoudiniEsq via Calendar Rules. Matter Dockets allow you to schedule specific dates, deliverables and appearances required by your Court based on a specific key date. These important dates are added as Events to […]

Remote Client Access (RCA)

Hello, and welcome to the HoudiniEsq article on Remote Client Access, or RCA for short. This feature allows any Contact who is a Related Party to a Matter to access specific Documents, Notes, and Calendar Events for that Matter. If the Contact is also a Client, they can access Invoice information as […]

LawPay Integration – HoudiniEsq 2.0

NOTE: For On-Premise users to enable LawPay integration, you will need to download the latest update to the program ( available here: This also includes 2.0 users who are on build or older. Introduction LawPay provides credit card processing exclusively for attorneys. LawPay is 100% compliant with IOLTA guidelines and the […]

HoudiniEsq on YouTube

You can access all of our HoudiniEsq video guide and promotional content at our YouTube channel: Stay tuned for additional video guides and feature demonstrations!

Advanced Searching Options

There are many options to search for information in HoudiniEsq, here are a few possible parameters you can use in your searches. These can be utilized in any area of HoudiniEsq:   jack jill (basic) – returns anything containing “jack” or “jill” “jack greene” (implicit) – returns “jack greene” only […]

Global Search

In addition to the powerful regular search functions in each dashboard, HoudiniEsq 2.0 also has the ability to find and filter any text-based file or record by specific criteria using the Global Search. this search has the ability to perform a deep scan of any document in the system, but only if […]

Billing “Quick Add” Option

We at LogicBit believe that our HoudiniEsq should offer a myriad of features when billing your time, which is why we have the Multi-Timer feature as well as the ability to add entries directly in the Calendar as well as directly from the Matter Dashboard. However, you can add a […]

Uninstalling HoudiniEsq

STOP! If you are having issues with HoudiniEsq, uninstalling the program and reinstalling should be your last ditch effort. Doing so will result in data loss unless a backup of the program folder has been made previously. Additionally, many issues can be fixed either through the other articles available in […]

Re-Register An On-Premise Installation

You can force HoudiniEsq to allow a single login so that the product may be re-registered by simply dropping a file named houdini.rereg into a folder. Step 1: Stop the HoudiniEsq service. Step 2: Navigate to the following folder: HoudiniESQ/webapps/houdini/esb/config/keystores on your C: drive under Program Files (or if you are […]