Google Calendar Support Update

It has recently come to our attention that the Google Calendar/Drive Authentication process is now attempting to send users to an “https” version of This should not be happening, but seems to be anyways. It’s intended that the final “landing page” for the Google Calendar sync process take you […]

HoudiniEsq – Word Plugin overview

Welcome to an overview of the HoudiniEsq Microsoft Word plugin. Note – The HoudiniEsq Office Plugins are for Windows only. Download the Plugin Install and Setup the Plugin Using the Plugin Opening Documents Saving Documents Managing Word Templates Generating Documents Uninstall the Plugin     Download the Plugin You can […]

Change Password (On-Premise)

If you need to change a password in the system, your password you can reset it but it will require that you shutdown the HoudiniEsq service on your machine first. 1. Stop the HoudiniEsq Service. 2. Locate your profile file which corresponds to your login name (it has a .hup extension) […]

HoudiniEsq Connection Port – Update or Change

By default, HoudiniEsq will bind itself to TCP Port 80, which is the standard HTTP/Web connection port. If this port is unavailable, you will be asked during installation if you would like to specify a different port to use, with a recommendation of port 8080. This article will cover how […]

The HoudiniEsq Service (Starting and Stopping)

HoudiniESQ runs as a service. You will see no program window. On some operating systems you will see a black window popup momentarily and disappear; this is normal. The HoudiniESQ service runs in the background, while the interface is accessed via your web browser. Although you use your browser, this does […]

Toggle Billing Functionality

In HoudiniEsq 2.0, you have the ability to toggle all billing functionality system-wide if you have Admin-level access on your staff profile. Simply click the gear icon in the top right of the interface to access the Settings menu. In the Firm information area, you will see the toggle to Hide […]

What Is My IRIS Password?

IRIS stands for Information Repository Indexing Server. If you are trying to open a document and you see login screen pop up, you are being asked for your IRIS password. This is NOT the password you use to log into HoudiniEsq from the main login screen. IRIS Username The IRIS username is simply ‘iris‘, […]