HoudiniEsq 2.0 brings back a much-loved aspect of the original 1.x interface, the Stopwatch. The Stopwatch will allow you to multi-task in the HoudiniEsq system while still recording your time. You can start, pause and clear multiple Stopwatch timers at any time, and use the recorded time to create an Event record.


With HoudiniEsq 2.0.130 and above, the Stopwatch feature can be found at the top-right of the screen, near the Advanced Search and Intake. Clicking the button at the left will open the Add Timer window.


From here, you can link the timed Event to a Matter, select a Type for the timed Event, and add a Subject. Keep in mind these initial selections can be changed later if you wish. Once ready to start the Stopwatch, click the Start button. You can click Cancel to close the window and simply return to the main dashboard at any time.



The Timers section at the top left of the screen will indicate that you are running an Event timer for the specified Matter. You can collapse this section using the ^ icon at any time, or click Stop to pause the current timer.


When paused, the Stopwatch will display several new options. The green Start button will resume the timer, and Reset will set the timer back to 0:0. Clicking the Bill icon will create a new Event using the information you recorded while setting up the timer along with the recorded time in the Duration window.


Additionally, you can start multiple Timer entries by clicking the Stopwatch button again. These timers can both run simultaneously, or one can be paused while the other is running to toggle between tasks. This is useful if you need to track time for one task and then need to take on another suddenly such as a phone call. The tasks can also be assigned to multiple Matters.


The Stopwatch allows you to multi-task effectively, replacing the need to open and time multiple Event windows. Additionally, the Multi-timer interface window will continue to function even when switching to a different section of HoudiniEsq, such as the Calendar or Reports. Overall, the Stopwatch allows for seamless time tracking from dashboard to dashboard, so it should be utilized as much as possible to create accurate billable entries as needed.

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