Advanced Searching Options

There are many options to search for information in HoudiniEsq, here are a few possible parameters you can use in your searches. These can be utilized in any area of HoudiniEsq:


jack jill (basic) –
returns anything containing “jack” or “jill”
“jack greene” (implicit) –
returns “jack greene” only

OR (boolean)-
e.g. jack or jill
returns anything containing “jack” or “jill”

AND (boolean) –
e.g. jack and jill
returns anything containing “jack” and “jill”

NOT (boolean) –
e.g. Jill not Jack
returns anything containing “jill” and not “jack”

AND (boolean) –
e.g. jack and jill not nimble
returns “jack married Jill”
excludes “jack be nimble married jill”
e.g. “jack greene” and jill
returns “jack greene married jill” not “jack married jill”

B/ (between) –
e.g. bagel b/ apple orange
returns “apple cherry bagel orange”

W/# (within words/characters) –
e.g. jack W/4 quick
returns “Jack be nimble Jack be quick”

? (single character wildcard) –
e.g. Level??
returns “Level56″,”level62”,etc not “level5” or “level6”

% (multi-character wildcard)
e.g. Dance%
returns “Dances with wolves”,”Dance recital at 3PM”,etc

~ or ~0.# (fuzzy, homonym, sounds like) –
e.g. serial~
returns “serial”,”cereal”
e.g. serial~0.8 (excludes weak matches)
returns “serial” not “cereal”

FIELD_NAME: (field name search) –
e.g. title:Payroll 2017 not draft
returns “Payroll 2017.docx”
excludes “Draft Payroll 2017.docx”

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